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Independent Equity Research.

The Equity Research industry faces secular challenges from the pernicious influence of an ongoing shift away from actively managed investment strategies, and the impact of innovations that have reduced the cost of best trade execution and restricted the pool of commission dollars available to the sell side. 

The analysts that remain are increasingly tasked with covering larger numbers of companies in new or evolving industries, and without any additional budgetary resources. What's more, the analysts at traditional brokers are saddled with conflicts of interest, and denied access to management teams whose pronouncements have been called into question.

At Antrim, we believe that the buy side is still interested in paying for differentiated, independent ideas and analysis. And we aim to earn our keep by offering unique, creative ideas, backed by thorough analysis and careful diligence.

“The analyst … must have courage commensurate with [their] competence.” — Benjamin Graham and David Dodd, Security Analysis

Qualitative Fundamental Analysis of Common Stocks

Institutional Quality Equity Research

Through Qualitative Fundamental Analysis.

Antrim has learned the importance of maintaining a variant perception and identifying catalysts for price appreciation, or depreciation, as the case may be. Over a decade of equity experience on the buy-side of the asset management industry has given us a healthy respect for the value (and limitations) of qualitative fundamental analysis.

By thinking differently about the securities industry and the equity markets, Antrim seeks to provide an independent, differentiated, and inherently skeptical view. We hope to provide our clients with unique insights, and try to avoid parroting management guidance.

“Indexing strategies … avoid significant under performance at the cost of assured mediocrity.”  — Seth Klarman, Margin of Safety

At Antrim, we believe that active investment management can produce superior investment returns, and that professional, institutional quality investment research and equity recommendations are still valued by the marketplace when they are independently sourced, thoughtfully crafted, and carefully monitored.

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Bespoke Research

The tenets of the successful equity analyst’s philosophy must also inform the actions of strategic, private equity, and venture capital principals. A diligent appraiser adequately equipped with a sufficient understanding of security forms, corporate accounting, general economic principles, and the elements of successful entrepreneurship will always generate useful investment insights.

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