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Short Shrift, Volume 3, Issue 2 – Updates on our Research Coverage

Please use the following link to download our report with updated thoughts on names under our coverage: AOS, CPA, ROL, FLS, and TRN.

Download our Report>>

Short Shrift – Issue 2, Volume 6, November 2021

Attached please find the results of our recent diligence conversations, as well as any of Antrim's reactions to earnings which did not merit a standalone report.

Download our report>>

Addendum to Antrim’s Coverage Initiation on Flowserve Corp. (NYSE:FLS – $35.48)

Because our Flowserve initiation was shorter than our normal full-length initiation reports, we have chosen to follow that up with a brief exposition of some of our additional thoughts on the name, and some additional detail that was absent from our write up dated September 27, 2021.

Download our report here >>

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